It’s that time again!

We have to close our doors for new members.  

Bulls are back in town and reached it’s maximum amount of members…..
Past week we have seen a strong inflow of new members and we have reached the maximum amount of members again.

We haven’t been using silly 50% discounts, not larping with excessive gains…..

No, we acted as you know us: “no hype, no BS” and that also seems to work in this environment.
We don’t aim to become the biggest group and above all, we want to have fun in our job; coaching members and trading together with them.
We prefer to offer the best possible service and we have reached a point where I say: “let’s calm down and make sure we can offer what we promise”.

Therefore, we decided that we have to stop accepting new members for now.

It’s normal to have some flow…current members leaving when completed the training course for example. We will announce on Twitter when we have new slots available.

It’s a decision with double feelings… It’s great the group is doing so well, but I really dislike saying “no”.
But we have to be strict, we prefer quality over quantity. 

Thanks for your understanding and wishing all Happy Trading!
Ed & team