Market Watch

Our Market Watch includes our Slack environment, Market Watch videos and Training Program (over 50 educational videos). With these services, we teach you how to trade. Watch, learn and discuss.  

Our features

Our exclusive Trader Room on Slack is the core of Crypto TA. In this environment our members learn, grow and succeed. Together, as a community.

To provide insight into why you should join our crypto family, we list some typical benefits of our group:

Daily updates on a wide range of altcoins (short term trading examples, presented and explained by 4 experienced chartists)

Acces to fundamental research of newly found ‘Gems’

Tracking a Trading Journal for the group trades + guidance how to set up for your self

Chart requests: improve your charting skills with feedback from the team

Channel to discuss topics, learned from the training course

Investing and researching Groupcoins (popular coins) with other members

Signal bot: Members will have exclusive access to our signal bot, developed by our partner Lambda Markets
Trading bot: Members are offered special conditions for using the fully automated, profitable trading platform, developed by our partner Mizar 

Opportunities to discuss other other crypto-related topics with serious traders from all over the world.

What else can you expect?

We don’t believe in a holy grail for trading. In our Training Program we offer you a variety of successful trading strategies and we guide you to find the best strategy matching your skills, character and available time. Upon that you will find over 50 educational videos, teaching all you need to become a confident trader, booking consistent profits!


Through a live webinar, we present our views of the crypto market. During this webinar we also discuss an extensive watchlist of coins and possible scenarios. We talk about trade set ups, explain them and examine Take Profit Areas for various timeframes. All this to prepare you for the volatile market.

Our webinars are recorded and stored in our members only area.

Quality before quantity

The services of our exclusive trader room take an incredible amount of work off the hands of our members. We do the preliminary work; the rest is up to you. Alone or with other members.

The quality of our service always precedes the quantity of our members. That is why we only work with a limited amount of traders. Traders who belong to our Crypto family.

Do you also want to be part of our family and benefit from our Market Watch? Check our membership options and join our family! Concerned that our service is not satisfactory? Don’t worry, we offer a 14-day “cool down” period.