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“You can feel that Crypto_Ed sincerely wants people to learn and succeed. The webinars are a proof of that. I love how these webinars are both laidback and energetic at the same time!”

“The accuracy of Crypto_Ed’s predictions keeps surprising me, haha. Even though he taught me his methods, so I know his research is fundamental and well sorted out. That’s why it shouldn’t be that surprising. Still.. it is remarkably solid.”

“Crypto TA really teaches you to master a difficult game. The complexity of this market always made me hesitate. Particularly the amount of time you have to put in when you’re on your own out there. Still, it kept attracting me and thankfully I came across Crypto TA, leaving my worries behind.”

“Thanks for navigating me through the chaos of crypto space! I’m learning everyday by following slack and the webinars. It helped me making a profit almost instantly! That’s was a thrill! It still is by the way..”

“I truly love the trading journals. This was missing and it clearly rocks. It not only gives a nice insight, but I am also learning a lot from seeing these trades in practice. Big up team!”

“For me the training sessions are perfect. Also , I’m a big fan of the weekly webinars and the discussions about groupcoins. Thanks mate!”

“I used to be in other groups, but this is the first group where the focus is on learning instead of buy/sell targets. I like what Crypto_Ed has done. It’s quality and great value for money.”

“By far the best group I’ve been in… Especially the clear FA research Crypto_Ed provides is pure class. I wanna say a big ‘THANK YOU’ for the good work you’re doing here. I really appreciate it!”

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“ Diving into cryptoworld was so exciting, but I’m 100% sure that it is Ed’s and team’s efforts. The main thing that I learnt that trading is like traditional business, needs your full concentration and time. You won’t be able to find such valuable service anywhere, and it’s not only about teaching, learning and charting, it is much more. This is called professionalism, you feel it every time and in every action"

“It’s the long term focus I like. Plus all the time-consuming work taken out of my hands by this great team. Otherwise my wife would probably not share my enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies anymore.”

“It’s not just a group. It feels like a community where you help each other to get better. As far as I know this is quite a unique group. It makes you feel more steady in a market that is far from steady.”

“Thanks Crypto_Ed! When I entered the cryptomarket I was running around like Pacman on steroids...Making a mess of basically anything. You know, just losing. From the day I joined this group I’m learning every day, growing, focussing and gaining profits.”

“Learning with Crypto Ed's group for a year has been the best investment I've made in the crypto space. While prices rise and fall, the knowledge and experience of the markets, the charts, and most importantly, of myself as a trader will forever remain. Ed truly encourages you to find the methods and approach to trading that best suits who you are. And the best thing is: there is so much experience and diversity in his team and the rest of the group that you truly get exposed to a multitude of approaches to trading...

... Better yet, if you listen, you will come away profiting from your investment into the group. I first came to the group after getting burned by trade hyped elsewhere on Twitter in late 2017. After then, I no longer wanted to be "behind" on the news and charts. And since joining Ed's group, I've become a wiser investor and trader, knowing how to read the charts for the short term and do the research into the projects that are sound investments for the mid to long term. It's been an experience that will forever shape my success and who I am!”

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