Exactly 3 years ago, on 1st September 2017 I started my first training group. BTC was around $3500 and on it’s way to 20k.

I started with a Dutch group first, 25 members.
It was sold out in 2 days, some of the first students are still member in our current concept MarketWatch.
Wild times, I still had a busy (temporary) job as an International Project Manager.
Waking up at 5:00am. Charting, updating the training group, travel to work, work from 8:30-5pm, back home, charting, doing training webinars, managing my Nr 1 position on Tradingview, travelling abroad for my job, often crashing in my bed after midnight.
During the first month I received so many requests for the next training group that I decided to quit my job and go full time crypto. 

And here we are: 3 years later…over 600 students followed our training course meanwhile, survived 2 years of bear market and Crypto-TA has turned into 1 of the oldest and most professional “Paid Groups” in Crypto! 
I saw many groups come and go, but I’m convinced Crypto-TA has the most professional approach, following all the laws, paying taxes, seasoned traders as team member, only offering premium tools to members etc.  
(also a reason why a big part of our clients are corporate clients).

The first year in crypto was eeehhh, special…. My personal Twitter account exploded from 0 to 95.000 followers in just 8-9 months during the bull market hype….trying to find my way between all those youngsters and the anon trolls.
After 3 years I can say we found our place, we are recognized by serious traders who want to learn and/or trade together with us. Our group is heading towards its maximum capacity again and a great sign for our quality are the older members coming back after the bear market, some of them with juicy stories about other “very successful” groups 😉
More and more, we hear that people appreciate our “no hype, no BS” approach. 
We don’t aim to be the biggest group, no need to have the biggest Twitter account, we just want to have fun in our “job” while trading and coaching our members. I’m not a marketeer, no YT shows, podcasts, not posting 20 charts a day. I much more prefer to work in our Slack group, a friendly but serious, small community, far away from the noise on Social Media.

Keep following Crypto-TA, we are working on some new developments and aim to go public end of September. 

I would like to thank all our followers for their support and/or interest in our group! I said it 3 years ago and saying it again: “I’m not going anywhere, I’m here for the long run”. 

Wishing everyone all the best and good luck in current bullish markets!

FYI: I decided to do a giveaway, instead of extra discounts on our fees and trying to attract new members. In this way, everybody has a chance. Besides that: our slots are filling pretty quickly anyhow.   
$500 in BTC will be gifted to 3 lucky winners (picked by retweet.com)
1x $250 (or 3 months membership)
1x $150 (or 1 month membership)
1x $100 (or 1 month membership)
Winners will be selected on 12-09-2020.
How to participate in the giveaway: retweet this tweet , tag 3 friends and follow CryptoTANL1 on Twitter.

Wishing all good luck!